Thermo Hanf®
clay undercoat plaster

✔ Free from solvents
✔ Natural surfaces
✔ Regulates air humidity
✔ Excellent soundproofing properties
✔ Clay plasters according to DIN
✔ Non-combustible
✔ Absorption of pollutants
✔ High heat storage capacity

Ready to mix and suitable for use in plastering machines. Suitable as plaster for masonry, soft wood fibre boards, light clay shells, reeds, wall heating systems, etc. If there are different plastering bases or board materials, or when covering slots and cracks, LEHM glass fibre mesh should be professionally applied to the entire surface in the upper third of the overall plaster build-up.

All the facts

Crushed building clay, sand grains 0-2 mm

Building authorities’ approval:

  • DIN 18947

Application thickness:

  • 5 mm – 15 mm


  • 25 kg bag and 1000 kg Big Bag


  • 25 kg yields approx. 17 l plaster mortar, 1 cm plaster application = approx. 1.7 m².
  • 1000 kg yields approx. 680 l plaster mortar, 1 cm plaster application = approx. 68 m²

All details can be found in the technical data sheet.

Download Datasheet