Thermo stuffing wool Hanf®

✔ Free from pollutants
✔ Extremely durable
✔ Excellent humidity absorption
✔ Very good heat and cold protection
✔ Removes CO2 long term from the atmosphere
✔ Good soundproofing properties

Hemp fibres for filling joints:

  • for eco-friendly, health-conscious and modern construction
  • for filling cavities when installing windows and doors
  • joint insulation between connections: masonry/wood or wood/wood
  • draught-proof joints in low-energy and passive house construction
  • will not get eaten by rodents or insects
  • mould resistant
  • no known allergy potential

All the facts


  • 100% loose hemp fibres

Specific heat capacity:

  • 2300 J/(kg/K)


  • Waste code (EAK) 170604

Delivery sizes:

  • Box (60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm), contents per box: 10 kg

All details can be found in the technical data sheet

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