Thermo Hanf®
Impact sound insulation / Needle felt

✔ Free from pollutants
✔ Extremely durable
✔ Excellent humidity absorption
✔ Very good heat and cold protection
✔ Removes CO2 long term from the atmosphere
✔ Fire protection with soda
✔ Good soundproofing properties

Thin hemp felts and strips for sound decoupling of floating floors, between joist layers and between partition walls and adjacent building components. When is impact sound insulation necessary? When hard floor coverings such as tiles, parquet, laminate or vinyl flooring are laid. Impact sound insulation is also required under screed.



  • 100% hemp fibres
  • No binding agents

 Specific heat capacity:

  • 2300 J(kg•K)

Fire resistance (test according to EN ISO 11925-2:2010):

  • Class E (in accordance with EN13501-1:2007)


  • Waste code (EAK) 170604


  • Rolls for impact sound insulation of floors: 3 mm x 1000 mm x 25 m / 5 mm x 1000 mm x 25 m / 10 mm x 1000 mm x 15 m
  • Strips for sound decoupling in joist frames and partition walls: 3 mm x 100 mm x 25 m / 5 mm x 100 mm x 25 m / 10 mm x 1000mm x 15 m

All details can be found in the technical data sheet.

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The advantages of hemp as impact sound insulation

Thanks to the very low dynamic stiffness of our felt, THERMO HEMP® impact sound insulation felt provides very good impact sound reduction (approx. 30 dB with 20 mm felt). Compared to conventional impact sound insulation, THERMO HEMP® needle felt also helps to ensure a pleasant floor temperature.

THERMO HEMP® insulation felts must not be used in rooms that are permanently damp. They should also not be used between two closed films. The construction should be as open to diffusion as possible.