About us: The company

THERMO HANF® – the new HempFlax® subsidiary

At THERMO HANF® we have been a proud member of the HempFlax® Group since 2020. THERMO HANF® is the pioneer of hemp fibre insulation in Germany and has been producing insulation mats, hemp stuffing wool and needle felt in Nördlingen, Bavaria, since 2003. Since the acquisition of the company by HempFlax®, we have focused on our core product and offer THERMO HANF® Combi Jute, a high-performance, ecological insulation at a competitive, fair price. If you are insulating your building, you may also want to cover walls and ceilings – our high-quality clay panels, plasters and paints are ideal for internal applications.

Mark Reinders and his Successful Hemp Mission

Mark Reinders is the CEO of HempFlax®. His interest in hemp was sparked at an early age. As a child, Mark watched his father harvesting hemp. He noticed that only one part of the plant, which could grow up to three metres high, was ever processed. He became fascinated by the question of how the rest of the plant could be used, and so he devoted himself completely to the issue of hemp and sustainability.

The Plant that Could Help Save the World

Mark’s professional interest in hemp started in 2002 when he did an internship with the HempFlax® Group, which was founded in 1994 by Ben Dronkers in the Netherlands. A lot has happened since then – Mark has been part of HempFlax® since 2008, and  he is taking Ben’s vision that hemp could help to save the world very successfully into the future.


Dedication at all Levels

To amplify his practical skills, Mark completed a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and Plant Production at Het Van Hall Instituut and a Master of Science in Management at Nyenrode University. As a member of the Board of Directors of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), of which he was president in 2016, he is also involved in promoting greater acceptance of industrial hemp at a political level. In Brussels, the EIHA maintains an office to positively influence EU guidelines for the use of industrial hemp. The mission “Hemp beats plastic” can only be achieved if awareness can be changed at all levels.

Ecology and High Performance can be Partners

The range of uses for industrial hemp is almost unlimited. In the construction sector it is used as insulation, in the automotive industry for lightweight interior panelling. It can replace carbon or fibreglass as it is even lighter. In livestock farming, it is the ideal a litter material (e.g. Mini Hemp by HempFlax®), because it binds liquid and neutralises odours. Because hemp litter contains no other substances, it is non-hazardous for humans and animals. In addition to fibres, HempFlax® also supplies CBD oil, nutraceuticals in the form of seeds or powder as well as hemp fertiliser.

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Constant Growth for a Good Future

HempFlax® was founded in 1994 by Ben Dronkers with the aim of restoring the age-old crop to its former glory. Since 1994, the cultivation area has grown from 140 hectares to 2,300 hectares. Cultivation and production takes place in the Netherlands, Germany and Romania. With customers like BMW, Mercedes, Bugatti, Jaguar and Bentley, HempFlax® collaborates with powerful agents of change who are working to drive forward the green revolution in the industry. And when it comes to ideas, the sky’s the limit.

Everything from One Source! Machines for Processing HempFlax®

For all its advantages, the robustness of industrial hemp is a challenge when it comes to harvesting and processing. Some farmers have learned the hard way that conventional machines and tools are no match for hemp. That is why HempFlax® has developed its own high-tech machines together with the agricultural machinery manufacturer Groenoord Harvesting Solutions. True to the philosophy of environmentally friendly farming, HempFlax® supplies not only new machines but also fully functional second-hand machines. They are inspected, overhauled and upgraded to the highest HempFlax® standards.

We help rising consumer awareness

HempFlax has been working with partners for many years on good plastic replacements such as in car door panels, composites and even in office furniture in combination with an innovative biopolymer. Hemp will also play an important role in replacing micro-plastics, which are actually even more dangerous to our ecosystem than the packaging materials that end up in nature.

HempFlax would like to raise consumer awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and offer alternatives to plastic use. That is why we actively support the Plastic Soup Foundation.