THERMO HANF® – insulation your grandchildren will still enjoy

When you build, you’re always building for future generations. What kind of home do you want for yourself and your family? Do you want it to be comfortable and have a healthy indoor climate? Do you want to have the satisfying feeling that you’re not wasting resources and are building without toxins? THERMO HANF® is the perfect solution. Learn more about the advantages of hemp as an ecological insulation material here.

Removes CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows and requires no pesticides

Hemp plants grow very quickly, shade the soil and thus prevent weeds from growing, meaning that no chemical plant protection is required. Due to its large biomass, hemp removes more CO2 from the atmosphere during its growth phase than any other agricultural crop in our latitudes. Industrial hemp yields a very tear-resistant, stable and durable natural fibre. It does not require chemical treatment to prevent mould or pest infestation.

The absorptive insulation material that reduces mould growth

The natural capillary function of the plant fibre is retained even after processing to make THERMO HANF® insulation materials. You benefit from excellent moisture behaviour. Excessive moisture is buffered and released again under evaporation conditions – provided the structure is open to vapour diffusion. This also prevents mould growth.

Cultivation and production in Germany

As a subsidiary of the HempFlax® Group, we source our plants from the HempFlax® fields in the Netherlands and Germany. Our production site in Nördlingen, Bavaria, operates with green electricity. The addition of bi-component fibres makes our insulation mats more stable, and soda ensures optimum fire protection – without the need for harmful additives. We also aim to be just as economical in our logistics, which is why we plan the most efficient routes to get our products to our customers.

Our staff are our key asset

The production of our hemp products (insulation, needle felt, stuffing wool) has no health hazards for our employees, as hemp contains no harmful substances. The fine fibres are harmless to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. You can touch the product with your bare hands or even come into contact with it with your face without any risk. The dust that is created during production is extracted and collected.

A closed production cycle

Our insulation materials are so sustainable because they form part of a closed production cycle. Any insulation that is removed – for example, during renovation – can be returned to the cycle. No hazardous waste is produced. Your THERMO HANF® insulation mat may already have had several lives, and thanks to upcycling continues to offer all the insulation benefits you expect without any loss of performance.